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Glass Pool Fencing


Damaged a panel in your glass pool fencing? No problem! We fix them all the time, and two types of glass are generally used depending on what kind of frame your glass pool fencing has in place. Both types, as required by law (given how easy it is to slip around the pool!), are grade-A safety glass. And we only ever use locally-made Australian safety glass.

Generally speaking, people either have fully framed or semi-frameless glass pool fences. Depending on which type you have, either laminated safety glass can be used, or toughened safety glass. It all depends on the kind of frame you have!

The procedure for this is always the same. We’ll get information from you and give you an estimate over the phone, and then if accepted, we’ll come to measure on site. If it’s laminated safety glass that’s there, we’ll be able to fix it on the day. If it’s toughened glass, though, it needs to be rebaked after we measure and cut it. This means that after measuring, we’ll need to go away and prepare that for you in the workshop.

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